Smartphone But No Internet

2 weeks ago when I was on a short vacation, I consumed almost all of my data allowance in 5 days. Now I'm left with no internet, but the temptation to purchase an additional package for a couple of pounds only. Yet I've been resisting this urge for more than 10 days now.

Let me tell you first, this is not an I have found the meaning of life, this is an amazing experience post.

My motivation was to experiment what it would have been if I didn't have internet outdoors. That's definitely not a detox, or anything spiritual I am seeking to find, but rather a simple question:

What would my commute to work, waiting at a restaurant, or simply walking outdoors be like if I had access to only my immediate surroundings?

I still have connectivity at home, or at work, therefore it’s nothing like a detox. It actually felt utterly uncomfortable on Day-1, and it still does after more than a week. It gets more interesting on the tube; where you are physically next to each other but have no connection at all, and not having a distraction such as your mobile phone (or kindle, which I insisted not to use for a day or two), it feels awkward. I dare you try not to establish eye contact in that situation, a tough challenge!

Did I notice my surroundings, details that I had never seen before on the road I walk everyday? Or became a more happy, calm, relaxed person? Not really. I’ve been always the kind of person who notices details in everyday life, so no such effects.

The only benefit I could say is, instead of my mobile mobile phone I spent much more time with my Kindle, reading.

That’s to me, a huge benefit though and made me realize that I can spend more quality time reading books or magazines rather than spending time on the internet, even if it’s for reading news.